Nativity vs. Adoration

Another comparison of the Gospels according to Matthew and Luke makes one question St. Thomas' distinction between the two. For, as has been said, St. Thomas claims that, "Matthew takes up describing the carnal generation of Christ...Luke, however, chiefly intends to commend in Christ the priestly character."1 Why, then, does St. Luke present a more detailed exposition of the Nativity of Christ, while St. Matthew emphasizes more the Adoration of the Magi? It would seem that the Evangelist wanting to describe the Incarnation would spend more time talking about the Nativity, and the one focusing on Christ the High Priest - who reconciled the world to God2 - would highlight the gentile kings coming from afar to worship the Infant King.

To be continued...
(meaning: I don't have an answer yet)
1. Super Evangelium Matthaei, Ch. 1, lect.2
2. ST, III, Q.22, a.1, c.


  1. matt said...
    Very interesting question. I am looking forward to seeing your answer!-Matt
    Vincentius said...
    What?! No help? Oh well, thanks for posting my blog's FIRST COMMENT EVER!
    matt said...
    Well, I will think about it a little...but at first sight it did seem like a very good question (and by good I mean a hard question)

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