Accident of the Blog

A doctor, when considered under the ratio merely of "man," is said accidentally to be the cause of health. Similarly, this blog, an accidental relation to its contributers, is accidentally made noteworthy when its members are promoted. And such is the case due to the happy coverage of a recent baptism by the prominent (at least in the Catholic blogosphere) priest Fr. Z in his blog "What Does the Prayer Really Say?"

Of course, it is equally true to say that the promotion
of the blog by this means is wholly accidental and therefore irrelevant. For we do not seek men for medical advice, quite to the contrary, we see doctors. This could be seen again in the case of this blog by the fact that "promotion" is wholly outside of the intention of this blog. Therefore, this post is sophistry, and rubbish. Except for four things:

- The conveyance of the glad fact that the beautiful sacrament shared by members of this modest blog has been noted by a prominent member of the greater Catholic community.
- The equally worthy conveyance of good will by a number of commenters on that blog post.
- The amusingly false observation by one of the commenters that Frater A. is on a cell phone during the ceremony! Surely there have been few more absurd things attributed to him.

- The opportunity to offer my own congratulations and well-wishing to the new and beautiful family. Cheers!

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  1. Frater Asinus said...
    First of all, I refuse to acknowledge that I am in any of the photos posted on the web site. Consequently, I will not even waste my time refuting the ridiculous calumny that I should be on a cell phone at such a liturgical event. Nevertheless, let it be known that I equate talking on the cell phone in the presence of Almighty God with spitting on a crucifix. Or perhaps something equally heinous, such as setting up an idol to Baal in the house of God. In other words I would rather burn.
    Moreover, I was shocked and apalled at the number of trite and pernicious comments about the god-mother's head scarf. Most disappointing.
    On the upside, I was really overjoyed at a web site that seemed so intent on promoting beautiful and holy things. God be praised!

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