Ed Feser has recently come out with a good book on Aquinas, which notably includes a clear break-down of the Thomistic tradition(s). He summarizes on his blog. Notably missing in the linked are the Analytical Thomist-- they are described in his next post. It's important to be aware of these categories because some Thomism are conscious proponents of their suppositions. Long live Laval!


  1. John B. said...
    Thanks, ho mathetes. Very informative.
    Frater Asinus said...
    This is an outstanding article on the schools of Thomism! Thanks Ho Mathetes!
    ho mathetes said...
    You're welcome! Quick question: is is fair to place The River Forest Thomist in the same camp as the Laval Thomist?
    Frater Asinus said...
    That is a good question, ho mathetes. I am not familiar enough with the works of Weisheipl and Wallace to be sure.

    I do not mind the collusion insofar as they fit this description: "This approach emphasizes the Aristotelian foundations of Aquinas’s philosophy, and in particular the idea that the construction of a sound metaphysics must be preceded by a sound understanding of natural science, as interpreted in light of an Aristotelian philosophy of nature. Accordingly, it is keen to show that modern physical science can and should be given such an interpretation."

    Granted that this might be a narrower account than we might appreciate, it does seem to emphasize and distinguish something important, namely the continuity of Aristotle and Aquinas and the priority of the philosophy of nature over metaphysics in the order of learning.

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